Welcome to the Eras’ page. The history of the football club which is presented here has been split up into periods of time, which denote a specific period of the club’s history. For instance, the period 1919 to 1937 takes in the period when the town’s football club first moved to Manor Park until the time when the club was reborn as Nuneaton Borough. Each era has also been split up in this way, or simply into manageable periods due to the large amounts of information available.

1889 – 1894

As is well known the among the club’s current supporters, Nuneaton St Nicholas were formed by the Bible Class students at Vicarage Street School. They played only friendly matches in the first three years of their existence before entering into cup competitions in season 1892-93, during which time they played at four different grounds. St Nicholas eventually became Nuneaton Town when they changed their name in September 1894.

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Nuneaton St. Nicholas

1894 – 1919

Having adopted the name Nuneaton Town, this period charts the early highs and lows of the association football club at that time, with changes of ground again taking place over this period. The first cup was won, league championships were secured, players who were legends of their time represented Town before the club briefly went out of existence because of the death of a club guarantor, only to bounce back with championship winning sides long remembered by Nuneaton fans of the time

Nuneaton Town 1894 - 1919 E-Book

Nuneaton Town

1919 – 1937

Following years of a nomadic existence, during which the town’s football club played at four different grounds, the club was able to purchase land at Wash Lane Farm, which became Manor Park, the club’s home for the next 88 years. Nuneaton Town played there for 18 of those years up to 1937 when they went out of business.

Nuneaton Town

1937 – 1945

Nuneaton Borough’s early years were marked by their lowly status, appearing in the amateur cup, minor football leagues and the Birmingham League, as well as having their progress halted by the Second World War.

Nuneaton Borough

1945 – 1958

The years immediately following the Second World War saw Nuneaton begin to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, securing high league placings consistently. The progression of the club through this time saw them join the Southern League in 1958. It was also during this period that the club first made its mark in the FA Cup competition.

Nuneaton Borough

1958 – 1970

After a couple of seasons of acclimatisation, the club were promoted to the premier division of the Southern League, home to some of the biggest names in non-league football. During this era the club had possibly its greatest ever cup run and broke all attendance records on the way.

Nuneaton Borough

1970 – 1979

This was a decade consisting mainly of mid-table league mediocrity, although there was a runners-up spot to savour, an FA Cup giant killing, European football and an FA Trophy run along the way. The era culminated with the team qualifying to play in the new Alliance Premier League, which combined the best teams in the Southern and Northern Premier Leagues competing against each other.

Nuneaton Borough

1979 – 1991

This period saw the club relegated after just one season at the pinnacle of non-league football before a rousing fightback to become arguably one of the best teams to represent the club. However, this success was quickly followed by a turbulent period which saw directors fall out, the main stand being condemned leading to the club being expelled from the Conference and, in subsequent seasons, the club being relegated further down the non-league pyramid.

Nuneaton Borough

1991 – 2000

The club reform under a new name – Nuneaton Borough (1991), and eventually get back into the highest level of non-league football after winning the Southern League Premier Division by 23 points.

Nuneaton Borough

2000 – 2008

Literally the end of an era as the football club leave their home of 88 years for a new purpose-built stadium to be shared with the rugby club. After selling their ground and reaching the third round of the FA Cup the club goes into administration after just one season at their new home.

Nuneaton Borough

2008 – 2018

The new club, reformed as Nuneaton Town, gain promotions in three out of the first four seasons of their existence to take their place, once again, at the pinnacle of non-league football.

Nuneaton Town

2018 – 2024

Here is the latest information regarding the story of Nuneaton Borough….

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